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San Ramon, CA

Web / Software Engineer with 14+ years of experience in the Information Technology field. Main area of expertise is Web Development using both Front End (Client Side) and Back End (Server Side) technologies. Led and successfully delivered several projects and looking forward to deliver more.

  • Front End: JAVASCRIPT, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Require.js, Underscore.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, Node.js, Dojo, Enyo, Sencha, Kendo UI
  • Back End: Java, J2EE, JPA, JSP, Servlets, Taglibs
  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows
  • IDEs: Netbeans, Eclipse, IBM Rational Software Architect
  • Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Application Servers: Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server

  • ShrinkApp [Nov 2013] ( A nodejs command line utility for HTML5 applications (preferably single page applications). The goal is to produce a production ready HTML5 application with minified css and js files along with the relevant HTML markup changes.
  • Javascript-Threading [Feb 2010] ( Most of the current browsers run all javascript functions/loops as a single thread causing the browser to freeze while executing a long running loop or function, and may cause the browser to display the "Unresponsive script" message. so JThread attempts to solve those issues.
  • EclipseJCDE [Sept 2006] ( Eclipse Java Card Development Environment is a set of eclipse plugins that wraps the Java Card Development Kit provided by Sun Microsystems to provide a visual java card development environment that automates many of the steps required to develop a Java Card application. A team in Orange Labs/R&D (France Telecom) has developed extensions to the project and created a new project partially based on its Source code (


[August 2014 — Present] UI Architect @ Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA, USA

[May 2012 — July 2014] Sr. Applications Developer @ JPMorgan Chase & Co, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Design and write code for mobile web applications that scale to high-volume production quality. Prototype creative solutions and collaborate with others in crafting and implementing technical visions. Contribute and collaborate in creation and consumption of open, standards-based solutions, while working with existing technologies and infrastructure. Identify opportunities for process and tool improvements and drive those from concept to implementation. R&D in emerging technologies. Projects:
  • SINGLE USE ACCOUNTS: ADA compliant restful web application to manage virtual payments to help consolidate client payment activities of different payment types. Technologies: Require.js, Underscore.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, Node.js, Kendo UI, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle
  • T&E ( A mobile web application to manage Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Corporate Card expenses. Technologies: Sencha Touch, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, iOS, Android, Blackberry
  • ORDER-TO-PAY: A web application to automate the exchange of purchase orders (POs), invoices, payments and discounts by integrating buyers and suppliers via a secure settlement network. Technologies: Java, JSP, Taglibs, Oracle, ESAPI to prevent XSS and SQL Injection

[November 2010 — April 2012] Sr. webOS Apps Developer, Cloud Services @ HP, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Take part in design/architecture. Develop efficient interactive client software and bring appealing, polished user experiences to life. Work within memory, CPU, and bandwidth constraints. Work with designers and server engineers in a fast-paced start-up style environment. Projects:
  • APP CATALOG: A webOS system app to browse, search, rate/review, download and install apps on webOS devices. Technologies: Javascript, Enyo, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, nodejs
  • SOFTWARE MANAGER: A webOS system app to manage, review, report a problem, update or delete installed apps on webOS devices. Technologies: Javascript, Enyo, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, nodejs
  • WWW.HPWEBOS.COM: Development and implementation of web content and award-winning web design. Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX

[August 2009 — August 2010] Staff, Software Engineer @ E*Trade Financial, Menlo Park, CA, USA
Design and Develop User Interface components and framework for Equity Edge Online application. Interact with product management team to understand business requirements and create technical specifications. Perform Code Reviews. Projects:
  • EQUITY EDGE ONLINE: Design, develop and unit test UI components. Technologies: Dojo, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XSLT

[July 2004 — July 2009] Staff, Software Engineer @ IBM, Cairo, Egypt
Design, develop and support application solutions with focus on WebSphere Portal Solutions. Focus on a portfolio of services, toolkits, methods, technologies and templates used to plan, select, design, deploy and implement Websphere portal solutions to clients. Design, develop and/or re-engineer highly complex application components, and integrate software packages, programs and reusable objects residing on multiple platforms. Advise others and assume a technical leadership role in support of the solution construction, implementation, and system integration. Perform many assigned tasks including study, analysis, design, programming, product installation, and system integration. Provide technical advice to project managers and team leaders, and give technical direction to team members. Lead other professionals. Projects:
  • BANK OF AMERICA (SAN FRANCISCO, CA): Develop and unit test UI components. Technologies: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • GBS PRACTITIONERS PORTAL: Develop and unit test UI components to be released with IBM WebSphere Portal Server. Technologies: Dojo1.1, Dojo1.2/DOH, AJAX, RSS/ATOM
  • QATAR SUPREME EDUCATION COUNCIL (DOHA, QATAR): A bi-lingual portal application for the government of Qatar. Technologies: WebSphere Portal Server 6.0, Lotus Workplace Web Content Management 6.0, WebSphere Application Server 6.0, Rational Software Architect 7.0, Dojo, AJAX
  • DUBAI ROADS & TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (DUBAI, UAE): A bi-lingual portal application for the government of Dubai, UAE. Technologies: WebSphere Portal Server 5.1, Workplace Web Content Management 5.1, JSR-168 Portlets, WebSphere Application Server 6.0, Rational Software Architect 7.0, UML 2.0
  • EGYPT AIR INTERNET BOOKING ENGINE: A bi-lingual portal application for online booking of plane tickets, seat reservation, and ePayments. Technologies: WebSphere Portal Server 5.1, WebSphere Application Server 5.1, JSF, JSR-168 Portlets, EJBs 2.0, Rational Software Architect 6.0, UML 2.0, DB2 8.2
  • TRANSLATION PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Internal web application for coordinating translation plans, resources, and deliverables for IBM laboratories and translation service centers. Technologies: Struts, JSR-168 Portlets, WebSphere Portal Server 5.1, Rational Application Developer 6.0
  • CORPORATE CLIENT SUPPORT PORTAL: Internal web application for customer support. Technologies: WebShpere Application Server 5.1 Integration Edition Schedulers, EJBs, DB2 8.1
  • COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL BANK: Automation of the internal business processes of the bank. Technologies: JSPs, Servlets, WebSphere Application Server 5.1, WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.2, DB2 8.1

[March 2003 — June 2004] Software Engineer @ Industrial Modernization Center (IMC), Cairo, Egypt
Design and install website elements, foreseen with the required software applications. Ensure appropriate functioning of all website elements, appropriate software applications and website data communication system. Identify with respect to quality improvement, interesting new website applications. Provide instructions and training for users of website applications. Maintain all website components on a regular basis. Projects:
  • IMC'S INTRANET: Intranet web application to automate the organization's internal business processes. Technologies: JSPs, Servlets, EJBs, Sun Java Studio 6, Sun ONE Application Server 7, SQL Server 2000

[November 2000 — October 2001] Software Engineer @ e-Business Solutions Enabling Group, Cairo, Egypt
Develop e-Business Systems including e-Commerce, e-Banking, SMS, and WAP solutions. Projects:
  • EL-MAHROSA: A public web application. Technologies: Visual Basic 6, ASP, SQL Server 2000
  • NATIONAL SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE BANK (NSGB): A public banking web application for NSGB bank. Technologies: Visual Basic 6, ASP, SQL Server 2000, XML

  • M.S. in IT, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK, December 2006. Thesis: Java Card Firewall ProblemsIdentifying and Avoiding Java Card Firewall Security Problems

  • IBM Certified Solution Designer — OOAD, vUML 2, Mar 2008
  • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA), May 2006
  • IBM Certified Solution Developer — WebSphere Studio V5.0, January 2005
  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD), July 2004
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD), November 2002
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), May 2002

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